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Is your computer out of control?

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 Whether you are having trouble with you desktop or laptop software or hardware we are here to help.


Our company has been servicing Edmonton and surrounding areas since 2009, providing fast and effective service at competitive rates.


We provide different levels of services to suit your needs, from drop off, pick up and delivery, remote server to even on site

We are still working to get this site fully revamped this site so we thank you for your patience's.

Are you having computer problems?

Feel like doing this to your pc?

Wait we can help no matter what the problem!!!!

Services we provide

  • Virus and spyware removal
  • Data recovery and back up
  • Windows install/ Recovery
  • Hardware failure on desktop and laptop
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Custom build computers
  • LCD screen replacement
  • Website design and maintain

Not only will we fix your computer we also show you ways and steps you can take to better protect your computer and keep it running smooth.

We also build custom system’s too suit your needs while staying in your budget, everything from a reliable office workhorse or server; Too top of the line gaming rigs to support Wacom’s powerful tablet technology and the Oculus Rift. 

If it’s inside your computer we can replace it. I have had a lot of customers that broke there LCD screen in the past and the quotes they got were so high it was cheaper just to buy a new laptop but not with us!!!! 

Edmonton PC Doctors has suppliers everywhere in the world to get our customers the best prices we possibly can. We do not use it to our advantage instead our savings is always passed on to our customers. We also do fix tablets, cell phones, consoles well, let’s just say we will fix anything you put in front of us but we do specialize in computers and laptops.

Having problems restoring or installing windows?


Did you get the blue screen of death?


Looking for an upgrade?


It is time for you to take back control of your computer!!!

Call us today!!!